10 Awesome A’capella Covers of Hit Songs

YouTube has given us many things: cat videos, baby videos, puppy videos, panda videos…but besides all of the animal videos and Gangnam Style, YouTube has also become one of the best places to find awesome covers of our favorite songs, often by artists that were completely unheard of before they got on YouTube. And one of the coolest genres of cover is A’capella covers. They are often done by just one or two people, but end up sounding as good, if not better than the original song. It just goes to show you what a camera and good audio recording software can do. Here are 10 of the best A’capella covers of famous songs.

1. “We Can’t Stop” – Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots


Is it a cover if it is your song in the first place? Regardless, Miley Cyrus did this A’capella version of her hit “We Can’t Stop” for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with Fallon and his house band, the Roots. The result was a soulful version of the song that showed off Cyrus’ vocal skills and may even be (definitely is) better than the original.

2. “Teenage Dream” and “Just the Way You Are” – Mike Tompkins


One of the cool things about A’capella covers is the ability to mash up two or more songs into one. This is a good example of that, as Tompkins covers these two songs by Katy Perry and Bruno Mars respectively.

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3. “Starships” – Cast of Pitch Perfect and YouTube Users


Mike Tompkins pops up again in this video made to promote the movie Pitch Perfect. It features himself, members of the cast, and a whole host of other YouTube users, combining to create a pretty cool version of Nicki Minaj’s song, Starships.

4. “I Knew You Were Trouble” – Walk Off the Earth


Walk off the Earth’s version of this song is so good that it not only went viral, but attracted attention of original artist Taylor Swift, who not only Tweeted it out, but played it before each concert of her sold out RED tour. Dubstep is all about artificially generated sound, so you have to hand it to this group for their talent in recreating the music perfectly.

5. “Misty Mountains” – Peter Hollins


From the movie, The Hobbit, if this version of “Misty Mountains” doesn’t give you chills, you should probably check your vital signs.

6. “Sail” – Acquire


As with the Walk off the Earth song, this was done in one take by an A’capella group, and is all the more impressive for it. You might struggle to find a better, or at least more interesting, cover of AWOLNATION’s classic song.

7. “Royals” – Pentatonix

Popular A’capella group, Pentatonix’, cover song of the moment, Lorde’s “Royals,” and the result was something quite special.

8. “Without You” and “I Will Wait” – Noteworthy

It’s hard to do good A’capella with an all-female group, but vocal group Noteworthy pulls it off with this slick mashup of David Guetta and Usher’s “Without You” and “I Will Wait” by Mumford and Sons. If you listen to the whole thing, you will also hear a sneaky bit of U2.

9. “Titanium” – Aaronic Stuff

Featuring his sister, Astrid, this is an excellent cover of a song that has a lot of different sounds going on at a time. Titanium is an oft-covered song, but this is up there with the best.

10. Disney Medley by Heather Traska

OK, so this isn’t exactly a “hit song,” but you can’t really let a list like this go by without including a Disney song…so here, have all of them!

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