3 Reasons Why Blogger Sucks (And 3 Great Alternatives)

3 Reasons Why Blogger Sucks And 3 Great Alternatives

Many people use the free Google blog, Blogger to set up their website. This may not be a good choice. See why and what alternatives there are.

Blogger is another Google brainchild. The service allows for writers all over the world to get help with creating their blog posts. This sounds good and on the surface, Blogger is a helpful enough tool. When compared to others like WordPress, Orchard and Tumblr, Blogger’s issues become too glaring to ignore.

Google’s one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t exactly translate well to individuals trying to make unique websites. Here are three good reasons why Blogger is bad, as well as ways to get past the issues with alternative blogging services. In a world full of choices, there’s no reason you should be stuck with a program that doesn’t do just what you want.

Nobody Likes Sblogs

First and foremost, it’s important to say there are way more than three reasons Blogger sucks. Only the top ones are going to be covered here and the vast, growing number of spam blogs on Google’s medium is one of the biggest, best reasons you should stay far away from Blogger.

WordPress is a fine alternative means of publishing your blog which doesn’t make its users deal with quite as much spamming as Google’s Blogger. Personal preference is big when publishing your work, so just ask yourself if whether or not you want to deal with a fairly constant flood of nonsense. Most people will opt out and you will too, don’t even imagine that you’d deal with constant spam in a place which should have none.

What is a Label?

All over the world, bloggers use tags to keep track of their posts. These words help people find a particular post when searching on engines like Google. On Blogger, there are no pages or tags; Google uses “labels” to mark posts for later discovery. This is a pompous move and can actually be confusing to someone who just wants to find the tags that go with a Blogger entry. They never will, because there aren’t any tags.

Because Blogger is the only one doing this, any other blogging medium is a better alternative. Try Tumblr which is easy to use and gives no difficulty in adding images to a post. There’s something to be said for companies that go out of their way to stand out and not even in a good way. That is, they suck.

No Freedom of Expression

Writing a blog is supposed to be about things you like, things that interest you. When someone on Blogger gets your blog taken down with a swiftly filed complaint, it’s like getting shot or stabbed. Just because someone doesn’t agree with what you say doesn’t mean they should be able to censor you; this is the United States of America after all.

Google lets people destroy blogs like this all the time though. Being so big, you’d think the company would take a stronger stance on such nonsense, but Google is so afraid of upsetting anyone they’re pretty quick to knuckle under. This is another problem you won’t find on many other blogging mediums but Twitter comes to mind for being easy to use.

Since your tweets pretty much only go out to people who want to read them, you’re not going to get yelled at for posting something scandalous.

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