Best Relax iPhone Apps-IPhone Apps To Help You To Relax

Anyone who has to spend a lot of time using 3g mobile phones will probably have a certain amount of stress in their lives and it may not have occurred to them to make use of the apps available to try to combat some of it.  Relaxation is a good habit to get into as this can help us to deal with stress a little better and there are several apps that can help you to forget about the rest of the world for a while and get on with the business of relaxing.

List Of Best Relax iPhone Apps

1.  Yoga

best relax iphone apps

Yoga has long had the reputation for being one of the best ways to relax and while it may not appear to go hand in hand with your smartphone, there are apps that teach you about yoga.  Yoga Relax is an iPhone app which allows you to try yoga in your own home rather than go to a class.  There are sequences which are ideal for the complete beginner and there is audio to help you to work out what you should and should not be doing.

2. Virtual Gardening

The iZen Garden app is a game which can be customized.  The user is able to add various elements to their garden and it is a free app if you use the lite version.  The full version is not expensive to add to the phone either and most people find it a very therapeutic way to pass a few minutes here and there.

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3. Write it Down

The Gratitude Journal is an app which allows users to begin a journal and it works in bullet-point format.  It has been estimated that the majority of people who use a gratitude journal find it easier to reach their personal goals.  Each entry can have a picture with it and keeping this will help you to relax and let go of the stresses of life.

4. Virtual Bonsi

In Japan a bonsai tree is something that is kept and cared for by those who have a lot of patience.  Anyone who has ever tried this and managed to kill the tree off will be grateful for the iBonsai app.  The tree will literally grow before you and the app allows you to train the tree if you wish, but otherwise you can just watch it and listen to the music which is also very relaxing.  You also have the option to make all the leaves fall off the tree just by shaking the phone.

5. Relaxing Sounds

The Ambiance app gives you the option to add noise to your life.  This can be white noise which will keep other more disturbing noises out, helping you to ignore noise which stresses you.  Using the app is easy but you do get more choice of sounds if you use the full version rather than the lite, which is free to download.  The downside to this particular app is that it cannot be run alongside other functions of the phone.

Whichever apps you choose you will find that there is something to help you to forget whatever it is that is causing the problem and in many cases it will not cost you anything either.