Fashion Style | Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

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Fashion Style Kitchen is more just a place where you cook and eat sometimes. Of course, the primary purpose of a kitchen is to provide space and facilities for cooking. However, in lots of families a kitchen is a place where the entire family gathers in the evening and in the morning.

Every housewife dreams of a kitchen she’ll never want to leave. Sure, it is great to have a spacious and functional kitchen that you enjoy staying at. Kitchen should not be only comfortable, but it should also provide you with all necessary tools and space to cook.

Let’s look at the Fashion Style in kitchen design for 2013

A modern chic kitchen

Modern kitchens are trendy. Well, you can get yourself a kitchen in an antique fashion style, if you want. However, high tech style kitchens are more popular. Such kitchens would look like spacecraft canteens. By the way, black and white modern style kitchen are quite affordable, but if you want to add more color to it, you are certainly welcome to do so. A modern look is not the only benefit, of course, Such kitchens are extremely functional and can do a lot more things that you can imagine.

Natural colors

Fashion Style Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

Unlike black and white and colorful kitchens, neutral natural colors stay neutral and non-contrast. It might be white or a natural wood/stone color. Such kitchens look amazing, especially if you prefer calm design patterns. If you want to add some colors, you may introduce little colorful design elements, which will look like accents. By the way, purple and orange accents are hot this season. Sure, you should be moderate in adding such accents since since adding too many of them will ruin the initial design concept.

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Smart cabinets

The power of every kitchen is in cabinets and how they are positioned. So, first off, it is imperative to choose the right material for cabinets. I recommend wood, but sure, it has to be quality wood that is not cheap, by the way. Yes, you can spend less and buy low end cabinets. However, you will end up spending more in the long term. Cabinets are the face of your kitchen and they are the key functional element. That is where all the dishes and appliances rest.

Hidden appliances

A kitchen without modern appliances is useless. Well, almost useless, unless you are an amish family. These little helpers make lives of housewives so much easier. These days, it is trendy to hide those appliances. For instance, a fridge may look like a on ordinary cabinet. This concerns virtually every appliance and machine – a dishwasher, a microwave and even a coffee machine. So, in other words, your kitchen seems not to have those appliances at all, but once you start opening cabinets, your guests will understand it is packed with hi end devices.

The zone principle

Kitchens need to have zones. Homes need to be decorated .These might be zones for cooking with the stove, for preparing food with lots of space, for storing foods and unpacking after shopping in the grocery.

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