App: Advanced Task KillerATK

Developer: ReChild

Price: Free

Features: This tool is known as ATK. It is a cool tool where you use to kill any running applications on your Android . Click to select or unselect the app you no longer want open. Long press to activate pop-up menu.



App: Titanium Backup PRO Keyttbkup

Developer: Matrixrewriter


Price: Free and Paid Version (license key file $6.00)

Features: No time limit,Very fast app listing (~1 second for 300 apps,Sort apps by name / last backup / backup frequency,Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps, Backup/restore regular apps + their settings,Backup/restore protected apps + their settings, Backup/restore system apps + their settings (incl. Wi-Fi AP list)Backup/restore external app data,Restores the Market links when restoring apps,Zero-click background batch backup,Interactive batch restore.

App: McAfee WaveSecure

Developer: McAfeemcsecure

Price: Free

McAfee’s WaveSecure app doesn’t have any of the virus scans or firewall protection that the company is famous for, but it does have some important features such as the ability to remotely lock your phone and to wipe key data from it, the ability to back up and restore wiped data after a device has been secured, and the ability to track and map your device using GPS.


App: mSecure – Password Manager

Developer: MSeven Softwarem secure password manager

Price: $4.99


Password Management to protect your Personal Identity

256 bit Blowfish Encryption, never been cracked.

Your password is never saved anywhere in the software.

Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password.

Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes.

For iOS, MacOS, Android and windows

Synx everywhere with Dropbox Cloud Sync

Groups to Organize Data


App: DroidDream Killer

Developer: Chris Ravenscroft

Price: Free



Great easy to use patch for the known vulnerability in rooted phones,

Developer Chris Ravenscroft cautions that while he’s been successful in using this application so far,”there is no guarantee that this particular piece of malware or another one will not change their behavior and start ignoring this file”



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