10 Tips To Google Product Reviews Online for Success

Getting your Google Places listings to stand out is not only about listing your business on Google Places and getting customers to write product reviews online. With the competition on Local Search, you need to implement the following tips in order to get more visitors to your websites and benefit from online marketing with better product reviews online.


1. Have At Least 10 Business Images

You can only upload ten pictures onto your Google Places page. But still, you can use third-party websites recognized by Google. Google picks the photographs relating to your business from these sites and adds them to the initial ten. Therefore, you need to upload pictures on numerous sites. In addition, you can use GeoSetter to tag pictures as it sets Meta tags, keywords, latitude and longitude of your business which easily pushes the business to the top on the listings.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

2. Get At Least Five of Your Customers to Leave Product Reviews Online


When you have at least five product reviews online on your page, the star rating appears on search results. Anything less than that means the star rating only appears on your page.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

3. Add Monthly Posts

You have to make your Google Places page attractive in order to get more visitors. Using posts linking to special offers, interesting pictures, newsletters, discount vouchers and other items can achieve this goal. Adding information that varies from the competition, for example “expires in 30 days”, can attract more potential customers to your site.

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4. Respond To Customer Reviews

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

Customers will post either good or bad product reviews online on your Places page. Thank the positive reviews and include how you were of help to them. Resolve the issues attributed to negative product reviews online. Bottom line, you have to respond to all reviews. It is also good to fill your reviews section.

5. Target “Best ever reviews”


There are customers who are very satisfied with your service and they would be willing to leave a great review. Ask them to review so as to get 5 star rating reviews automatically as well as a badge which appears on your Places listings. Offer them with the guide on how to review.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

6. Get Customer Reviews on Third-Party Sites

External reviews add credibility to reviews on your page. Potential customers visiting your places page will take them to be reliable while making their decisions. Have your customers post in at least three third-party sites will ensure you reach more prospective customers.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

7. Add Rich Snippets Reviews

You can have a double review rating on the Google’s search result by combining the rich snippet and Google reviews. Create a section on your site to display customers’ reviews. The Google spiders will lead Google to display the star rating on your website in its search results page.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

8. Post Multiple Offers

You can add multiple coupons at the top right corner of your listing page. Potential customers can print these offers. You can gauge how effective your Places listing is through the number of customers responding to these offers. This type of feedback is key to monitoring and measuring online marketing success.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

9. Offers Should Have Pictures

It is optional to add an image while posting your offers. But including an image is more descriptive. It also makes your product exceptional, which is great for online marketing.

10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

10. Upload a QR Code

There are some people who like scanning QR codes. To gain their attention, get a QR for your site and add it to your Google Places listing. The site qrcode provides a quick way to generate QR codes.

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10 Tips To Google Plus Places Success

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