HP Laptop Review | Stop Beeping Sound Problem In HP Laptop

Laptops have been turning out to an integral part of our life for years, and most of the people, whether a businessman, students, homemaker or an individual is buying laptop of various brands like HP, Sony, Dell, LG, etc. HP laptops one of the reputed brands in the world, and has various models of laptop that are available I the market with different price rates and features or configuration. Another, best quality of HP systems is that number of HP service centers are in the market who are providing quality services. If your HP computer faces any problem, then you don’t need to worry about how to fix HP laptop as the HP support provides you help.

If you hear any beep sound coming from your laptop, then it is an indication of a hardware problem in your system. Whenever, you hear this sound, you must fix the problem or issue quickly. But, you can check yourself that whether the problem is serious or not before going to any HP repair service center.

If you are getting a beep sound during start up your HP Computer, then follow these steps to resolve the problem of your HP laptop.

Step 1: Firstly, unplug everything like Power cord, Printer, USB mouse, etc. from your laptop, and after that Turn off your HP computer.

Step 2: After turning off the system, remove the battery from the laptop, and slide the battery out through laptop bay.

Step 3: Now, turn your laptop back into the normal position, and then hold the power button for approx 30 to 35 seconds.

Step 4: Now, plug your system to the power supply and turn it on.

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For checking the loose memory in your HP laptop, follow these awesome steps:

Step 5: Again, unplug all the devices like the power cord or any other attached devices, and turn off the laptop.

Step 6: Now, remove the battery by pressing both battery switches, and slide the battery out of its slot.

Step 7: Now, locate your laptop memory bay that is typically labeled with a rectangular picture of the memory modules.

Step 8: After that, remove the screws, which are holding the door of the memory bay. For revealing the laptop’s memory modules, pull the door off the laptop.

Step 9: Check the memory modules, and make sure that they are lying flat in the bay as well as the metal clips are properly in the right place over the memory modules.

If you still hear the beep sound from your system, then you must contact to any HP laptop repair center. For finding best HP Laptop or computer service center, you can take help of the Internet. You can search on the Internet for a best service center that is situated very near to your home.

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