Check Out These Apps Before You Get Hair Extensions

So many people are infatuated with their own hair, but this does not mean that they are satisfied with the same look for every day of the year. Millions of men and women alike have used hair extensions as a way to add volume, body and length to an existing hairstyle without having to wait months or years to achieve that desired look. In the past, visits to a salon were the only way to gain insight into this process, but technology has made it possible for anyone who wishes to explore hair extensions to gain the information they need beforehand. Below, we will discuss four mobile applications that can clear up various elements of the hair extension process.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions by Hair Power

If you have considered hair extensions as a way to add life back to your hair but are unsure of your options, then the Hair Extensions by Hair Power app may be a great solution. Hair Power is a worldwide distributor of hair extension products, and its app showcases many different hair extension offerings so that customers can inspect the quality before any purchase. Once downloaded, the app can be perused to find the ideal hair extension, and options are embedded for the user to be taken to the website where a purchase can be made. Currently available for iOS devices, Hair Extensions by Hair Power is a free download.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Idea Book

Those who are not yet ready to make a purchase but would like to browse dozens of different types of hair extensions will appreciate the Hair Extensions Idea Book, an app available for free via the Android Marketplace. Users can view high-quality photos of various hair extensions and how each one of them looks in the real world – something that is much more difficult to do when comparing strands at the hair salon. Before you make any expensive commitments to hair extensions, be sure to check out the Hair Extensions Idea Book first so that you can be aware of all of your options.

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Hair Extensions

Virtual Salon

The Virtual Salon app by Tatiana Hair Extensions guides users through the process of hair extensions and takes a hands-on approach to the process of extensions selection. Users can quickly upload a photo of themselves to the application and subsequently try on various hair extensions and styles to see which one looks best with their face and features. Anyone who wishes to gain volume and flare for their hair will have a blast as they try on dozens of different hair extensions and styles. Currently available on the iTunes App Store, Virtual Salon is a free download.

Hair Extensions

Hair Weaving

Once you have your hair extensions, you may wonder what you can and cannot do with them. Some people like to use their extensions to create new hairstyles, like the ones outlined in the Hair Weaving app. Once downloaded from the Android Marketplace, users can view videos and tutorials for many different hair weaving styles in order to achieve a desired look. Whether you wish to create loose weave patterns or a tight-woven braid, the Hair Weaving app will come in handy quite often.

Hair Extensions

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    WOW! No need to visit the salon. These apps could provide everything you need. In your post, you give us the best iPhone apps that we can use for having hair extension. Different apps gives different approach that everybody desires. You’ve chosen good photos for each apps and it describes more how the apps look like.