Learn Exciting Features of Microsoft Office 2007 – Infographics

Microsoft Office Word 2007 helps people create and share professional-looking content by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools with the easy-to-use Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. With the new Microsoft Office Word, you get new possibilities to enhance your computer skills. Some of the new Word features include Toolbar, Ribbon, Contextual Spelling, Document Sharing and Style themes. These new features allow you to make changes in your document as per your requirements. Not only can you identify the grammatical errors in the advanced Word but also the contextual errors as well.

Going forward, the Microsoft Excel has introduced some amazing features such as Live Preview, Formatting, The Zoom Slider, The Ribbon and the Side Galleries. With these excel features, you can only preview live data in the same text size and font size but also you can apply some appealing formatting to tables, data, graphics and charts. Whatever modifications you have made, you can easily zoom and watch a closed look of your document.

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The PowerPoint also is not left behind the advancement of Microsoft Office 2007. This comes up with plenty of new and exciting features using which students, employees and other working professionals can make sophisticated presentations. The new Power Point entails The PowerPoint Ribbon, Slide Masters, The Presenter View and Better Graphic Tweaks.

If you want to master the entire Microsoft Office, do not overlook the latest Outlook features as well. These include color categories, search features, and To-Do Bar. Likewise, the New Access features include Custom Groups, Navigation Pane, Tables, New User Interface and Prebuilt Solutions.

All these features indeed make Microsoft Office more efficient as you get updated with the latest computer knowledge and these aid you make your projects easier and more appealing. In any organization, it is the latest skills that count. So, do not miss to learn the advanced version of Microsoft Office.