Will Mail House Services Benefit your Business?

Advertising through direct mail is one of the most subtle but effective ways to get known by an entire neighborhood. Basically, a mailing house is a 3rd party service provider that can help you manage a direct mail marketing strategy that can increase the number of clients that will walk through your doors.

Here’s how. A mailing house has the potential to increase clients in 3 ways. First, they will help you get known around the area by helping you plan and devise strategies for managing bulk mail projects. In a nutshell, brand recognition. Second, they will be the ones to provide for your copywriting, list certification, and mailing needs. Do take note that not all mailing houses provide this service. Lastly, to ensure that you get the desired results, a mail house will make sure that your ads will reach your target audience and track the data collected. Refresh the mailing list if necessary. The last step is important because even if you have a mailing list on hand but you do not update it on a regular basis, your mail marketing won’t work because it won’t reach your target audience.

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To back up our claims, according to a research by the US Postal Service, 20 percent of people in a specific neighborhood will move after a year, which could be due to job changes or other similar factors. This is a large number of potential clients that will not receive mail. Not to mention quite a huge chunk of your budget for mail marketing. If your mail house of choice doesn’t provide the last step, which is the updating of your mailing list, this could spell disaster for your supposedly cheap advertising strategy. And this is why some people argue that mail house services are quite pricey, when in fact it’s not.

The beauty of availing mailing house services is that whether you’re a small-scale or large-scale company, you will enjoy the benefits of direct mail marketing. So what are the benefits?

  • Cheapest alternative to other mailing programs or newspaper ads
  • Helps you alert an entire neighborhood for sales or special offers a.s.a.p.
  • Assists in handing out detailed information about your business and the services you offer. (Restaurants have been known to mail entire menus while grocery stores send in coupons directly to nearby neighborhoods.)
  • Directly delivers customized messages to the right audience

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But keep in mind that because mail house services are cheap, not all companies will offer all the steps needed to direct a successful mail marketing campaign. We’ve said it earlier but to reiterate, some companies only offer the actual mailing process but not the necessary steps that come before and after, mainly the design process and the processing of data. If you really want to save money but achieve the desired results, opt for a company that offers the complete package from start to finish, namely:

  1. Planning of the marketing strategy
  2. Designing of the actual mail/letter/ad
  3. Implementation of strategy and Printing
  4. Sorting and Mailing to desired neighborhood
  5. Processing of data collected

A company that offers all of the above will help you save money in the long run because you will gain a better understanding of your target market if the strategy is consistently implemented. From the design plans to the actual folding, stamping, and affixing of extra items, a company that knows the marketing & design plan right from the beginning will be able to give consistent results and a better value for your buck.