Shortlisted! Three of the world’s most expensive 3d tv

Are you keen to know what’s buzzing around the ever-changing arena of 3D TVs? Look no further, for here’s the scoop on everything that’s nothing but the very best!

Below is a quick look on most expensive 3d tv

Panasonic TX-L42ET50B

This particular Smart Viera variant promises clarified pictures, videos and sound all the more! Some of its ground-breaking stradas include:

  • 800Hz processor: One of the highest figures for the power of conventional television processors, the TX-L42ET50B delivers the most amazing 3D experiences in conjunction with its sophisticated active shutter goggles.
  • Viera Connect: One is not solely subject to Blu-ray discs and set-top boxes for the pleasure of viewing! Seamless streaming of content from YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Netflix is now possible, along with Skyping, Facebooking and Tweeting!
  • Wi-Fi Direct: It’s time to personalize! Connecting your smartphone for the purpose of transferring snapshots or videos couldn’t have gotten any easier with USB and Wi-Fi portals already integrated into this 3D TV set.

Sony Bravia NX810

Sony’s most productive (and attractive) breakthrough yet, here are just some of NX810’s impeccable features, in a nutshell:

  • Avant-garde bezel design: This model may not be the ultimate benchmark in terms of technical efficacy, however its aesthetics are pure eye candy, period! Presented without a stand, this streamlined style of display is wonderfully ergonomic enough to resemble a mirror TV when idle!
  • MotionFlow Technology: The base of this 3D television’s 240Hz processor, MotionFlow greatly aids to minimize any blurs that may occur in video content and regulate miscellaneous factors pertaining to the brightness, sharpness and contrast in its display to appropriately suit the surroundings.
  • Balanced levels of black with a range of colour combinations: Another sign of an impressively potent processor, almost little to no adjustment is required to rightfully comprehend the amounts of black produced by the display.


Samsung UA55ES8000R Series 8 Smart Interaction 3D LED TV

All thanks to its exclusive Smart Hub breakthrough which tends to provide a more personalized approach to access content (all the way from logging in to social media) Samsung Smart TVs seem oh so human!

  • Accurate voice/motion control and facial recognition: No more remote controls! Switching channels and logging in only require a word or two, coupled with your pretty face for swift operation of this gadget!
  • Kids, fitness and family story: The most celebrated feature of Smart Hub! While the ‘kids’ version provides movies and educational programmes that all little tykes are bound to enjoy, ‘fitness and family story’ on the other hand offer real-time inventories to map one’s health/fitness goals and collage vacation photos respectively.
  • One display, several images: Saving the best for last, this is one stunning feature that no one would prefer to miss out on! The very recent versions of Samsung Smart TVs boast of producing a range of completely different images to suit the requirements of different viewers.

While you may want to watch a soap opera and your husband would want the live soccer match tuned on, this state-of-the-art technology invented by the developers at Samsung have finally made it possible!