How to Know If You Need More RAM for MacBook Pro

The performance of your Macbook Pro can be significantly improved by adding more RAM. Upgrading the RAM on your laptop can be one of the most easy and cost-effective ways to speed up the machine, especially if your MacBook is pretty old. Latest programs, operating systems and games are memory hogs and can demand more RAM than your laptop holds.

Why do you need more RAM?

When you are switching between application, if you computer is sluggish, you might need a RAM upgrade. Irrespective of the version of your OS X, applications and data are swapped in and out of your memory all the time. The applications that are idle or data which are not needed at the moment from the RAM will be temporarily swapped to the swap files on your hard disk, freeing the active memory.

Let us take an example for clarity. If you are currently having iPhoto open on your Macintosh and you suddenly feel like playing a video game and launch a game. If the game requires more RAM, it will request the OS for more memory. Now that iPhoto is just sitting about in the background, the program and associated data will be “paged out” to the temporary space on the hard disk. The RAM is now free and this will be allocated to the game.

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How do you decide whether you MacBook Pro needs more RAM or not?

To be more certain about whether your laptop needs more RAM or not, you can check out the memory usage in “Activity Monitor”.

    1. First open all the applications you are bound to use on a regular basis. If you spend a lot of time on the internet you might be using iChat, Mail client, Browsers, documents and other applications you simply can live without.
    2. Now that all your staple applications are open, you will have to open your Activity Monitor.’ You can access the Activity Monitor from this path /Applications/Utilities/
    3. Click on System Memory’ which is located at the bottom of the window. Put your detective glasses on, it is time for some investigation.
    4. Take a look at the pie chart on the right-side (refer to the image below). It is just a matter figuring out if there are more yellow and red in the pie. If red and yellow are taking a good chunk of sectors on the circle, your computer is certainly gasping for more RAM. If the green and blue sectors are more, it means your computer is doing just fine.

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  1. You should also consider 3 more factors, Page ins, Page outs, and Swap. Page outs should be very less compared to Page Ins. If the page outs are 15% or more of the Page ins, you might have to buy more ram for Macbook pro.

If the analysis indicates that your Mac needs more RAM, you might just go a head and buy a compatible ram for Macbook pro. You don’t even have to pay a visit to your local Apple store to perform an upgrade. You can place an order on the internet and insert the RAM in your MAC on your own. One can save a lot of money buy doing so. It might take you some where around 15 to 30 minutes to perform the task depending on your abilities. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet along with videos to help get the job done.