Women: How To Bring Your ‘A Game’ And Steal The Show At Your Next Big Events

We all want to look good most of the time. It would be a strange person who actively wanted to look their worst and there are very few who truly don’t care at all about their appearance… But that said, there is only so much work we are willing to put in when it comes to looking good and only so much time we have to dedicate to that cause. Ultimately you need to draw the line somewhere and that means that we have to ‘make do’ with just looking passable a lot of the time.

But then there are the odd occasions where this isn’t good enough, and where it really is worth putting in that extra time and effort to look 100% awesome. Sometimes you will find occasions when it’s time to bring your A game and to really stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to do that successfully on big events …


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All of us have a few items of jewellery that stand out from the crowd and that we think of as being better than the rest. This might mean your Rolex for instance instead of your usual watches, or your diamond choker that is ‘too nice’ for most other occasions. Now is the time to bring these crowd-pleasing items out, but do bear in mind that you don’t want to go overboard with too many ostentatious items at once. Sometimes less is more, so stick to just one item of diamond jewellery – perhaps a pair of diamond earrings – and think quality rather than quantity (or garishness…).


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As for your dress, when you really want to impress the trick is to look elegant while also looking sexy. You don’t want to look ‘cheap sexy’ as though you’re going on a night out in a club (that means clingy materials and a short skirt) but nor do you want to look entirely formal. Aim for a slim black or red dress that is minimalistic and elegant rather than something with a loud pattern, and maybe pick something that’s low cut, that shows off your back or that has a slit to show off some leg (but not all three).

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The main way to look your very best is to look different. This is what will tell people that you made an effort, and it is what will make people who know you well make a double take. Changing your hair is one of the best ways to do this, so now might be the time to curl it, to wear it in an up do, or even to try extensions.


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The same goes for your makeup – now is the time to do something different that makes people see you in a new way. That could mean wearing a simple bold red lipstick or dark smoky eye shadow. Again though you should aim to impress with one feature and avoid wearing too much bright makeup that ends up competing.

The author of this post is Nolan Grey, an employee at Diamonds on Web, leading providers of diamond engagement rings. He keeps himself busyduring the weekends by taking up restoration work for his home.

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