The Top 5 IOS Apps For Travelling

If you’re not convinced that apps are the greatest thing ever, well you are alone because Apple just announced a record 10 Billion in 2013 sales from their app store. As a homage to this news I thought I would gather some of the best apps for travelling that are available in the app store.

Google Maps :: Free (iTunes)

It cannot be a best of article for travelling apps without the obligatory mention of Google Maps. This app is great not only because it is free BUT you can get directions for any place in the world for any mode of transportation, driving, public transit, walking or even biking. When you are in a foreign country and you get off the path of your little print off map you will be happy for some turn-by-turn directions in English and include traffic overlays!

Just a word of caution, be vary aware of roaming charges. Google maps can be very data hungry so it may be worth the wait to connect to wifi if you are near a café.

World Lens : $4.99 Per Language (iTunes)

At $4.99 per language you may want to download the free Google Translate app. However, you will not have as much fun with any other app translating things. This augmented reality app translates the content right before your eyes. So if you see a sign that something in a foreign language you hold up the phone in front of you and look at the world through your phone and the sign will appear in English on your phone.

Since Google Glass has made (and immediately removed from the app store) a companion app for iPhone called MyGlass, I feel is it worth mentioning that World Lens is working on a Google Glass extentsion. It would be pretty cool to be in a unfamiliar place and have the comfort of seeing everything in English when you are missing home or need to get something done quickly.

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AirBnB :: Free (iTunes)

This beautiful app is awesome for searching down a new place to stay while abroad. You can find some really unique places to stay or just find an inexpensive place amongst the locals.

Whenever you book a place with AirBnb you can also add all of the information to Passbook so you always have it handy without using any data.

I also love the fact that the Kayak Pro app can store all of my travel itineraries in a single place with great additional details such as weather and flight information. As a side note, Hotel Tonight is worth checking out as well because you can get some great deals (on pricy hotels) if you are booking last minute, I mean the afternoon of the day you need the hotel kind of last minute.

SkyScanner :: Free (iTunes)

This app has is simply awesome; it allows you to search for flights with no destination in mind. All you have to do is pick the airport of departure and select anywhere in the world for any time of the year. With those criteria it will give you a list of the cheapest flights across the world for every location. This is great for travel lovers who want to go anywhere and have a little bit of flexibility with when they can go, all while finding a great deal.

The app is a little cramped, so it is worth checking their web app too.

Various Apps :: Various Prices

Sometimes going abroad is not feasible. So being a boat enthusiast I have included some apps that allow you to take a mini vacation close to home.

  1. Cheap Gas :: Free (iTunes) – This app helps make your day out on the water a little more economical.
  2. ProKnot :: $1.99 (iTunes) – If searching around YouTube isn’t your thing this app will help you tie any knots, from rope to fishing line. A comment was left by Jinjustice saying “You can knot go wrong with this app.”
  3. GoSkyWatch :: Free (iTunes) – This iPad app will help you pass the time at night by helping you identify stars, planets, constellations and galaxies.

What’s your favorite travel app? Please let us know in the comments below.