Top 7 Android Secrets

Top 7 Android Secrets You Didn’t Know About

Smartphones and tablets with Google’s OS are just wildly popular. The number of Android devices users is growing every day. But not everyone knows about some Android features, that make the device with this OS even more convenient

So, you won the Android smartphone, and you are ready to use all its multiple features and apps  . These tips and tricks will help you simplify its usage and unlock some Android secrets.

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Secret #1. Quick access to contacts

Android allows you to create desktop icons for your contacts. To do this, hold down the screen with your finger until a menu appears, then select “Shortcut”, then “Contact”, and then just select the desired contact from the list.

Secret #2. Contacts synchronization

It’s unnecessary to use third-party software to synchronize contacts at Android and backing them up. Your Gmail account is a great storage for your contacts. When you add a new contact to your smartphone, it is automatically stored in your Gmail account in the same menu. When you use Gmail from a computer to enter new contacts and edit them, recent changes and contacts will automatically appear on your phone too.

Secret #3. Android as a USB drive

When you connect the Android smartphone to a computer using USB-cable, it says “Enable USB drive”. It allows you to use your smartphone memory card directly as a USB flash drive. If the message does not appear, you need to go to Settings –> Network–> USB Settings and select “Removable Disk” there.

Secret #4. Special characters

A quick access to special characters without switching the keyboard layout is possible when you  press on the period or comma for a long time. The same applies to a set of numbers.

Secret #5. Recent applications

A long press of the “Home” button brings up a menu of your recently launched applications. So, you can quickly switch between them in this way.

Secret #6. Bookmark sync

If you use a Google Chrome browser, the saved bookmarks can be synchronized with your smartphone browser. Just download the application for Android and the extension for Google Chrome.

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Secret #7. File management

One of the Android OS big advantages is that you can fully use the internal phone memory to store absolutely any files, move them, copy, delete, etc. But if a built-in file manager is not enough for you, you can always install AstroFileManager, which simplifies the navigation and sorting greatly.

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