Web is RESTful

We need to understand here what it’s meant for the Web to be RESTful. On one side,we have  the static web which is RESTful, because static websites follow Fielding’s definition of a RESTful architecture. For instance, the existing web infrastructure provides caching systems, stateless connection, and unique hyperlinks to resources, where resources are all of the documents available on every website and the representations of these documents are already set by files being browser readable (HTML files, for example). Therefore, the static web is a system built on the REST-like architectural style.

On the other side of the globe , traditional dynamic web applications haven’t always been RESTful, because they typically break some of the outlined constraints. For instance, most dynamic applications are not stateless, as servers require tracking users through container sessions or client-side cookie schemes. Therefore, we conclude that the dynamic web is not normally built on the REST-like architectural style