Which Scripting language is best ?

when learning a new language whats Important ?

Bash – for a short script that might need a for loop to do something repetitively.

BASH a set of normal shell commands collected together into a file, or script, that can be executed by merely typing the name of the script as a command also used for testing and flow-control statements (if-then-else; loops) that make them able to conditionally or repetitively execute programs.

Perl – anything to do with some kind of text processing or file processing, especially if it’s a one off. Just do a dirty nasty perl script and be done with it.

Perl is a language that combines the functions of shell scripts and awk and many functions of the C language. It is very powerful, but correspondingly complex

Python – If it’s something you might want to do again or something very like it. Then at least you have a chance of being able to reuse the script.

awk is a pattern-scanning and processing language. It is very good for writing small programs to transform a data file from one format to another. awk scripts are often executed from shell scripts that have correctly set up the file arguments first.

If you’re comfortable with Java, then try groovy, a scripting language based on the Java platform. There is almost zero learning curve.

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